Snuggle bugs

Hello lovelies, how’s everyone’s week been so far? Since Monday Shane has been really sick with the flu so we’ve been spending our week staying extra warm cuddled up in front of the fire with mammoth amounts of tea and tissues getting up to date watching the newest season of Dexter. It’s getting intense! Last night Shane was feeling a little better so we made vegetable soup together! It was more of a cooking lesson for me as all my past experiences making soup have failed, so I was more watching with a keen eye rather than helping. Although I did help cutting the veggies! It tastes soo good though. mmm!I’m not sick myself but no doubt it will only be a matter of time (unless my immune system decides to be kickass & I stay in good health!)

I made a little change in the menu bar above, I’ve added a separate page for all of my DIY and Tutorial projects I have done with links making it a little easier for you when or if you need to search for a particular project. I think I’ve covered almost every project so far and will continue to add more as I go along! I also have plans to do a little food page with all my recipes and links to past things ive baked but thats another task for another day :) Happy Thursday everyone, today is my last full day with Shane so I must be going! I’m buying a new laptop today so this means proper blogginggg from now on! ^^ XO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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