Charity shop HAUL

So as I was saying in the previous post before I got distracted with silly pictures and bus talk, yesterday mum needed me to go into the city to do a bit of shopping for her before my bus home. I was of course more than happy to do this as it meant I would also get to have a proper good rummage in all my favourite haunts, scouting out the charity shops first was my main priority. The rain was belting it down all day Friday but it seemed to work in my favour, no one was about so I had space to properly look through everything without being in other peoples way. Except for that one douchebag who literally pushed past me and practically took the book I was looking at out of my hands and then proceeded to furiously search the shelves to find another copy of the one I had when he realised I wasn’t putting it down. (HA to you mr rude face) The book is actually now wrapped up for Tiggy’s christmas stocking.

 I stumbled across the softest knitted jumper in the mens section in one charity shop and immediately gave it the once over making sure it was worth the €5 price tag they were asking. Finding nothing wrong with it I hid it in between the two ugliest jumpers in the rack and promised to come and get it if I didn’t find another prettier&cheaper jumper in the other shops. Mum always told me to scout around for a bargain instead of buying the first things you see, you might find it in another shop for a better price! So this is what I did, but I didn’t find any other jumpers around so I returned to that shop take it home with me. I can’t get out of it, it’s the perfect combination of loose but fitting and it’s just so warm and soffft! Definitely a new favourite :]
 After finding myself the jumper I found five amazing dresses! I know I shouldn’t have bought all five of them but I really couldn’t choose between them and I had saved myself over €100 getting the laptop so I thought why not, treat yourself! One is casual so I can wear it anyday of the week, three are for a more dressy uppy occassion but knowing me I’ll find a way to wear them casually as I don’t really go out as much any more and the last is a Summery dress but there was just no way I was letting this one go! I like to collect pictures and save them in onto my computer as fashion inspiration or what have you (i’m sure most people do it) and a few years ago I saw this dress and saved it thinking it was really sweet and that I wanted to make my own version of it. Well lo’ and behold it was the one I found! I really couldn’t believe it and what made it even better was it was my size and soo cheap. Things like that just don’t happen to me! (despite it’s sunny guise outside it’s actually waaay too cold to do outfit posts on each dress so I’m going to do separate posts on each dress as I wear them) So until then I’ll leave you with this picture of my very unamused kitty Persia xo


6 thoughts on “Charity shop HAUL

    • Sylviee says:

      I knooowww! it’s amazingly soft for second hand, you know usually they’re really stiff from excessive washing and wear. This one is so lovely! You should go scout out the charity shops in cork theyre honestly the best! xxx

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