Watch the darkness creep in

Yesterday I had to pop into town to pick up a few things for the mumma before I was to get that long and laborious bus ride home. Seriously, a two hour bus journey through the most twisted back roads just to get home is too long, especially when it brings back your childhood travel sickness :( To take my mind of feeling icky I made up a little game taking a picture every time someone got off the bus. Silly I know but what I ended up having was a mini series of rainy, slightly blurred images from outside the bus window each with a different shade of light, ending up in total darkness. It’s scary how it gets so dark so early lately, by the time I was actually at my stop I was in total darkness and had to venture a 20 minute hike up hill before I was actually home.

Nothing impressive at all but it kept my mind of gawking everywhere aha! There weren’t many people on our bus as you can see from the small amount of pictures, but those that were on probably thought I was a right weirdo taking point and shoot shots every time the bus stopped!

The early nights are really messing up my food routine, as soon as it gets dark I immediately presume it’s 8 o clock and I should make dinner, but it’s only half 5! So confusing. I like the early nights though, more excuses to stay inside and get lots of things done during the night! It can be a problem though, for those days where I ”accidentally” sleep in past 1 in the day, only giving me about 4 hours of daylight before the dark creeps in. Maybe I should wake up earlier for the winter.. It’s just so impossibly hard when my bed is so toasty warm and the air outside it is icy! (I know I started this blog with the intention to tell you what I bought in town but I got side tracked, I ‘ll get around to it I promise!) XO


5 thoughts on “Watch the darkness creep in

  1. Sabrina says:

    I know how you feel with the early darkness. I also always think “Man, it’s 8pm”, then have a look at the clock and it’s about 5. Depressing somehow when it gets dark so early, but I cannot wait for Christmas time with all the pretty lights outside <3

    • Sylviee says:

      yeah I hate that confusion, its like the worlds playing a trick on you or something! Yeah i cant wait for christmas, i love having excuses to make things for friends and family :) <3

      • Sabrina says:

        Actually that’s one thing I love most about Christmas – making stuff for friends. Personal things are much better and even I appreciate them more in most cases than bought stuff. Seems we have something in commin here :)
        Btw ur only the second person from Ireland I got to know although I’m addicted to this country. What a pity.

      • Sylviee says:

        Yeah me too :) I always start really early like at the end of october! I find it easier making presents that choosing what to buy people :O I totally aggree its a more personal touch and shows alot more effort put in that just buying them something. Yes indeed :) Really, thats awesome! I love germany, I was only there once but it was a really beautiful & clean country. i hope to return one day! :)

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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