As well as my little shopping haul last Friday I also visited the always lovely Lush with the intention of getting something sweet for Tiggy cause he’s a right little diva when it comes to his bath time. (it’s my fault though) He loves his bath bombs! So after I found him one I thought he would like (The Rocketeer Ballistic) the lady at the counter asked me would I be interested in chancing my luck at choosing a birthday goodie bag for €10, there were eight left over, half being for girls and the other half being for boys so I said why not, it seemed a bargain & it’s not like I wouldn’t find something in there I wouldn’t like! Each bag had goodies  & sweets inside as well as one having a ”winning voucher” I sadly didn’t get the winning ticket but I’m so pleased with what was in my choosen bag!

Mini bottle of Snow Fairy, Ring of Roses soap, Space girl Ballistic, Rising Phoenix Ballistic and a Melting Snowman bath melt. I’m so happy with my gift bag! There’s definitely more than €17 worth of goodies in there (as well as two of their new products!) so I was pleased I gave in and got it. The Phoenix rising bath ballistic reminds me of my bedroom walls. :]

This adorable little melted snowman smells diviiiiine. It smells just as amazing as their Snow Cake soap, (Almond & Marzipan lovers will be OBSESSED with this creamy dreamy soap I swear!) It looks like a little cookie and yes those are real chocolate chips, I even nibbled on his eye after this photo was taken to check(!) It’s really tiny which is why I was always hesitant about getting it since so I was so happy to see him sitting at the end of the bag :] I can’t wait to have another lush bubbly bath! XO


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