Achey pains

The past few days have been non stop crafting for me. In just under two weeks the craft fair will be under way and I’m hoping I’ll have enough made. If I haven’t mentioned properly before what’s actually going on sorry, I’ve been asked to be involved in a small weekly craft fair for the month of December every Saturday being held in the Fujifilm camera shop in my nearest town, Macroom! It will be my first ever craft fair and my first time ever selling the shit I make. Who would of thought my stuff would be sellable/people would like it enough to want one of their own?! It baffles me but I’m soo worried no one will like my things! I haven’t even had time to worry about not selling because I’m constantly on the go creating new ideas into real projects, making things and finding time in between to do simple things like blog and eat! I don’t have much time for either but I’ve set aside an hour for myself to quickly post and catch up on e-mails. 

I will have a few things for sale during December, I just hope I’ve made enough. I suppose I’ll know on the 3rd what people like and what people don’t like. I’ve crochet’d a couple of ipod cozies in lots of yummy colours using different types of wool, my favourite being the mustard yellow colour in the above picture. I only had enough to make two cozies in this colour because the wool I used is hard wearing, it’s not as soft as the others but will last long! I really hope I can find that perfect mustard colour again.. Some other thing that will be for sale as my little felted whales I like to make, some special felted badges and some new things I’ve been working on hard over the weekend just passed. I wish I could know what would be more popular so I could make more of them, it’s so tiring working on the same thing for hours. Although the newer projects have been really fun! If you live near and can make it, come along and say hi! It would be so lovey! XO

p.s, DEAR READERS! I’m changing my blog URL in the next few days! So pretty please subscribe to my blog or follow my twitter so you won’t loose me to the blogosphere when I change my url. So long goes scuzzface, horrible name anways :) XO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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