The story of..

It’s something I’ve been spending most of this year creating and it’s been finished, like actually finished for well over a few months. I think I finished it in July even, but you know how life comes and gets busy and I never got around to having a proper sit down with all the photo’s and history this little project entails to get around to writing the story of it.

Did you ever see those films, Stepmom or How to Make An American Quilt? In both films a special patchwork quilt is made and since I first saw them I always thought it would be neat to have my own. I just never thought it would be as easy as it was! Not that it was totally easy, it required a lot of time and effort to make and there was a good few times I got massively frustrated from cutting individual squares in perfect unison (it gets laborious..)  This quilt was made with the intention of having it for a really long time so I wanted it to be full deep colours & patterns that are eye catching and work well together without it being ‘too much’. I included some fabrics from previous favourite dresses or clothes from primary school to add a bit of sentimentality to it too. The look of the quilt is a little crazy with all its retro patterns and dark colours but it kind of suits my bedroom!

I adore the look of patchwork quilts, they are so beautifully thought about and carefully made. Seeing them makes me want to snuggle up in them with a cuppa and a good book! I could only dream that mine would be just as beautiful, it being my first I knew it wouldn’t be perfect, but I love it. It’s my first of the biggest projects I’ve finished within the time scale on my list so I’m actually a little bit proud of completing this one :) It spends it’s days sitting snuggly on my bed keeping me warm in these cold wintery days.. Nothing better than cuddling up with a cuppa wrapped in my very own patchwork quilt :] XO


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