Yummy treats: Blackberry & Apple Crumble

Today was a day for double tights, over sized knitted jumpers and blackberry apple crumble of course. I slept out till really late in the day today so I feel like all I’ve done is drink delicious coffee, procrastinate and make crumble!

Last month myself and Tigs went blackberry picking for hopes of making blackberry jam, mum had a spell of making loads of different types of jams a few years ago and I wanted to try out my own. Well that never happend! The blackberries spent the rest of the month in the freezer awaiting a use.. Till I got the notion to make a really yummy crumble and include the berries as well as cinnamon for an extra christmassy feel to it.

Crumble is so easy, prepping the apples were really fun too! Mum brought out one of her many kitcheny gadgets and showed us how to use this. It peels, cores and slices the apples into perfect thin cuts. Soo much easier than doing all that by hand! Especially because I was using four rather large apples and I tend to get lazy/rush things. So this gadget was lots of fun to use!
You need:

4 large cooking apples, 1tbsp water, 4-5 tbsp sugar, 225g fresh/frozen blackberries 
75g brown sugar, 175g flour, 75g butter.
peel,slice and core the apples into thing chunks. Add them to a pan with a tbsp of water and a lash of sugar. (you’ll need lots to reduce the tartness of the berries) Boil on a low heat stirring occasionally for about 10 mins, till it goes kinda mushy but still has some bit of chunk to it. Let it cool before transferring it to the dish you are cooking it in. Add blackberries. Mine were still slightly frozen so I added them whilst it was still hot to help them defrost.

In another bowl, combine the flour with chunks of butter and gently mix it up till it resembles little bread crumbs. Add the brown sugar and mix again. Add a few pinches of cinnamon if you like and mix it all up nice and good. Then pour the crumble mixture on top of your cooling apples and berries and even it out. Pop it into the preheated oven for 15 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on how crumbly you want your crumble to be. I went for the 30 minute mark and it was just right! Total nom-ness and really easy to do! The hardest bit is not eating it all before dinner! Serve with a nice helping of custard & a cuppa and your on your way to total nom-ness :]


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