Black Friday

Oh life.. I had such positivity early this morning. Hoping today would be a day that I could smile about finally having a pair of Florence + The Machine tickets for their upcoming Dublin gig next March. Having missed their Lungs tour last time I was determined to get in on the purchasing of le tickets, even stayed up all night (as well as a tinsy 3hr kip in between) before getting ready at 10 to 9 this morning to buy them.

Twice ticketmaster put me through to the submit your details part, card numbers written in and all. Just needed to press commit to buy and BAM, the ticketmaster site crashes and tells me ”oops! something went wrong” and to please reload the page. Sending me back to the que and therefore missing my chance. Four minutes and they were sold out. Although it took ticketmaster 26 minutes to realise and put it up on the main page that flo had sold out. I wasn’t surprised really, the presale was insane and I knew I would be lucky to get a ticket. So I was even more devastated when ticketmaster failed me and lost me my chance at a band i’ve been wanting to see live since I first heard Lungs. Ugh my life. (I’ve emailed Ticketmaster about their failure & demanded some form of apology)

Did anyone else have this same problem? The Florence fb page has a rake of comments all saying the same thing or there abouts. Ticketmaster, why you fail us?! All you lucky ones that got a ticket… I am forever jealous. Lets just hope Flo releases another Dublin date or I can buy them off someone nearer the time. Until then, I will forever feel sad.


4 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. Louise Murphy (@Lollylu95) says:

    Aww that freakin’ sucks!! They annoyed me too the other day making me go through the whole process of finding tickets etc only to tell me they were sold but, why didn’t they just say that form the start?! Apparently though tickets become available again nearer the date and to keep checking,don’t know how accurate this is though!!

    • Sylviee says:

      ticketmaster are so bad for updating there pages arent they! if you go to them now itl tell you florence is sold out but go to find tickets and it still says ons sale?! Confusing or what! Hmm we’ll just have to keep checking closer to the date then! Or check the pink pages in the echo…no doubt they’ll be more expensive but shes worth it! xo

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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