It’s the little things..

That make me truly happy.

Having a really good rummage with mum in our local charity shops & finding some real treasures at cheaper than chips prices! Here’s some of the bits I managed to pick up during my last two rummages. Sorry for the crappy pictures but we’ve been having rain all week & outfit posts are so difficult indoors! Check out the deep jumper! Isn’t it the best ever?

My newest find, this lovely cardigan! It’s actually inside out in that picture,ha! But I like it both ways. I promise to take better pictures of it soooon. Also, mum gave me this awesome little gadget for getting rid of the clumps that gather from wooly jumpers! Meet the CLOTHES CHUM! I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so lovely. I love the little heart for an on/off button!

Finding the perfect pair of stonewash skinny jeans that actually fit me and have real comfort in wearing them. Since turning vegetarian last Januray 1st, (Eep! Nearly a  full years milestone!) I’ve had to buy more clothes in smaller sizes as I’ve lost weight slowly throughout the year. Smaller sizes obviously is a goodie but it wasn’t the reason behind changing my diet. I’ve always found it so hard finding a good pair of jeans that last me and don’t get ruined easily. (my last two were ruined by bleach and acrylic paint!) So I’ve been out hunting for the perfect pair to replace my old favourites. I *think* I found them yesterday! They’re a tiny bit loose but hey, they’ll do me for now!

That huge sense of accomplishment I get when I see all my little creations packaged, tagged and ready to be sold. It makes the past few weeks of the late nights, no sleep, near tears, stress & freak outs all worth it.. Craft fair, I think I’m ready for you.

Having my own sewing room! (Okay its not such a little thing but more of a massive thing..) I’m sharing it with my crafty mama! It’s a big step up from my little crammed corner desk in my bedroom & using my wardrobe to store fabric inside it instead of clothes and whats even better is it’s just off the kitchen so we have complete ease of access to the kettle and soon to be downstairs bathroom. I don’t ever plan to leave it once I’ve moved all my crafty bits in!

And lastly, having new blog readers & subscribers to my blog! HELLO! It really warms my heart knowing people like to read my ramblings and get inspirated from my blog, I’m always so so ridiculously happy when I see I’ve gained some new subscribers or have comments from you lovely lot out there. So thank you so much really, I really truly love you all! ♥


Scuzzface is changing domain names! As of Friday (2nd Dec) this week I’ll be under a new blog name. Still on wordpress but no longer scuzzface. Please please sub to my blog or follow my twitter to stay in touch! I’d hate to loose any of you in this move. I’m changing names to coincide with my little crafty shop thing I’ve got going on! xo


2 thoughts on “It’s the little things..

  1. Sabrina says:

    The things u bought in the chartiy shops are great <3 Guess I have to find out one near me, but I actually also think the stuff there wouldn't be as great as urs :D I totally do like the irish stuff a lot more (that's why I always get back with tons of new clothes when being in Dublin :D)

    • Sylviee says:

      Thank you Sabrina! I was so lucky to find these things, especially in Macroom where the fashion is kind of boring. Finding something that special is like finding a brick of gold! Dublin is great for shopping, a little expensive but if germany doesnt have it then it makes it all the more unique for you :) xo

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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