October trainrides

Because last month was such a hectic time I never really had much of a chance to blog properly about normal day-to-day things. Working at the nightmare realm meant I was doing really long hours that required you to be full of energy and constantly acting in a creepy state of mind, which isn’t so bad when what you are doing is really fun but it was all physically demanding, as well as emotionally because of the hassle some people would give us just for doing our job right. So my time not spent at the realm was spent recovering from the long nights and injuries (remember the 20+ bruises I got from working the first night in the kitchen?ya..) as well as spending good quality time with my boyfriend. 

Whenever I did post they would always be about how I was getting on at the realm or complaining of injuries & being tired! (Don’t get me wrong I love working there & it’s all more than worth the injuries & tiredness!) I always took my camera around with me just to document my day to day things. It became the quickest way to snap a glimpse of my day to remind myself to blog about it. I just never got around to posting them!

One of my favourite parts about last month were the train rides down to the city from Cobh.  I would sit in the emptiest carriage and always sit on the left facing forwards so I could stare out to the sea as we moved towards the City, pop my earphones in and listen to something calm for the journey. For the days that were sunny I would listen to something sweet like First Aid Kit or Jack Johnson to day dream too and for the afternoons where it would rain I would listen to the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack ’cause it made me feel all excited and i’d walk to work from the train really fast so I wouldn’t get totally drenched! I miss October. November has been great too but seriously so busy.. Where has the year gone too? Soon I’ll be writing up my new resolutions! XO


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