Shop talk// Christmas Craft Fair!

Before I start rambling on about all things shop wise I just wanted to say, does everyone like my new blog name? It’s a lot prettier & more suited I think. I’ve made a little post over at my old url  and linked here just to let everyone know how to find me.

RIGHTEO.. Shop talk.

These below are what I’ve been working on solidly for the past few weeks and months! It’s taken me a long time but seeing them all packaged up and ready to go totally make it all worth it :)

Here’s my things you’ll be seeing this Saturday at the Craft market in dear aul’ Fujifilm, Macroom. Please call in if you live close to support us crafters! They’ll be lots of lovely things to buy :]

Hand crochet Ipod sleeves/cozies

These little guys have been tailor made to fit Iphones nice and snug. They also fit Ipod classic’s rather well and an Ipod Touch can slide loosely in too! I’ve made a whole bunch of these in different colours and textures. You’ll have a hard time finding the same one twice as each is different from the last. Some have vintage buttons for embellishments and some have a strip of different coloured wool through them. Most of the wool I’ve used has been recycled making them true unique one-offs! They’re going for €6 each. 

Miniature zippy purses/ Earphone pouches

Tiny circular purses made using lots of retro fabrics with soft inside lining and small zips. My first idea was to make them as cute little zippy purses that can hang from your keychains or even your belt loop (whichever you prefer) but then I thought they’d be awesome to keep your earphones nicely tucked up inside of, you know cause they always get knotted and wrapped up in something they shouldn’t when they’re just slung in your bag (story of my life anyway!) so these little purses are the perfect size to hold your earphones in when they’re not in use! Snazzy huh? These are going for €4 each.

Sleep Well Eye-masks

Made with soft fabrics, retro in some case. Mostly girly & fun patterns although I’ve used solid colours too for a more mature look if the fun patterns aren’t your cuppa tea :] Some are reversible and some have little bits of Lavender inside them to help you sleep better. They all have elastic straps and vary in size and length. All are priced at €2.50.

Hedgie Door Wedgies & Soft Plushies

These make me giggle, I made them out of the blue one day and enjoyed making them so much I made a few! They’re little hedgehogs made with vintage fabric and felt individually sewn on to give that’ spikey’ look. (Sewing the spines on separately takes its toll on your sanity let me tell you!) They’re filled with Barely seeds and rice grains to make them heavy enough to keep a door ajar or just sit snuggly wherever you like! I’ve made most of them with the weights in them but there is one that isn’t! The weighty ones are €7 each and the soft hedgie is €5. 

Felted Whale Plushies

I’ve made a whole bunch of these little whales, some are solid colours with sweet little faces and hair bows for the ‘girly’ ones. Some others I experiemented with multicolours and funky buttons. One is even a Narwhal! I’ve made them all with really snazzy button eyes adding to they’re fun look. These are going for €6 each.

Vintage Patchwork Slip On Cushions

I’ve made a set of three easy to slip on patchwork cushion covers using cotton and vintage fabrics with a white cotton border sizing at 11inch x 11.5inch. These haven’t been priced yet but will probably be around the €8-€10 mark each or all for a certain price.

Sleepy Kitty Embroidered Cushion Cover

I’ve only made one of these just to see if it sells. If it does I’m going to make more for the following weekend. The kitty design was hand drawn first then machine embroidered to give it a ‘sketched’ look, sewn onto white cotton fabric with a black zip. It sizes in at 15-15.5inches. This too hasn’t been priced yet but will be slightly more expensive, possibly near the €15 mark(!)

Funky Fimo Creations

I’ve made some Watermelon slice key rings and small packs of handmade buttons in lots of fun colours and patterns. The buttons come in packs of 6  and are selling at 50c per pack. The watermelon key rings are €1.20. I’ve literally only made a handful of each just to have a bit of variety and to see what everyone likes!

Funky Felted badges

Again, I’ve only made a few of each type of badge! (All badges have safety pins for clasps at the back) I’ve been a bit festive and made a bunch of cute Christmas cakes! (before anyone says I’ve made them the wrong way round I haven’t, I prefer them this way cause they remind me of Lush’s little Christmas cake bath bomb!) I’ve also made a bunch of purple and pink cupcakes with little sequins for the cake toppings. I also have an Owl, an Acorn and a toadstall badge, but once they’re gone they’re gone! (Till I get more felt!)  These badges are going for €1 each. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I’ve tried my hardest to stay green during this whole process, making sure to reuse and recycle where I can. All my packaging on these products are recycled (from old envelopes to make the tags or the clear wrap from birthday cards to make the cases in which everything is held in) and I’ve made sure to be really resourceful with what I use. My wools used for the Ipod cozies are re-loved second hand wools either bought from charity shops, hand me downs from mum or unpicked from old jumpers. The fabrics are re-loved from many years of fabric collecting, recycled from old clothes or given to me from friends and family.

I know it’s only small steps to helping the planet out but it feels good to know that the papers and envelopes I use get a second life when they’re included in the production and packaging of my products. I’m not a complete tight arse I promise you(!) I just like to do my little bit for the planet and reuse anywhere I can!

So when you buy from Fabric Heart please know that every part of the process- from concept to shipping- has been thought through with sustainability in mind and there is very little waste. Thank you! Coming to the craft fair? SEE YOU TOMORROW ♥ XO

P.s, If you can’t make the fair due to whatever reasons but see something you like up there and really want it, e-mail me! I’m totally up for sending them your way via good old snail mail. Making an online craft shop is next on my list anyway… :] ♥


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