The lonely Moon


Apologies for any badly put together sentences for this post, I always choose the worst times of night to write about my days. Saturday’s craft fair was such a lovely experience. I spent the afternoon sipping giant mugs of coffee and crocheting away at my own leisure. The best part was interacting with everyone, I got to meet some really lovely people and get to know some a bit better than before :] I also had a lovely conversation with a customer about crochet which made me smile. It wasn’t half as scary as I had imagined it would be, I even sold some things & got a commission! I was most scared about that part, that nothing of mine would sell. I really over worried about everything & had far too much made but seeing as it was my first ever attempt of selling my things I guess it wasn’t such a bad idea.. Better to be prepared and all! The craft fair is actually running every Saturday till Christmas anyway so at least I’m prepared for the month :]
 Last Friday I had my first Mince pie of the year! It was splendid. Myself and the brother went for a frosty morning walk to the shops wrapped up in many woolies to pick up some essentials; coffee milk and noodles in his case and drop off some little bits to a friend. We decided on take away coffees and mince pies for the walk up home but luckily my dear friend ‘couldn’t let us walk up in that weather’. We live very far away from said shop and neither of us are fully legal to drive yet (I’m working on this!) So I got to enjoy my take away cappachino with my pie in the warmth of our cozy kitchen. It being the first mince pie of the month I had to take pictures, cause that’s what you do isn’t it? :]

Another thing I’ve been really enjoying so far this month is the beautiful sunsets we’ve been getting. We live surrounded my mountains so we get these really dramatic and deep colourful skies as the sun slowly sinks below the mountains. (look at that for alliteration!) For December we’ve been blessed with some beautiful scenes. Again I’ve taken pictures but this is really something you need to see for realz. These bright skies remind me of those long Summer nights that are now far away from us.

 The Moon is also one of my favourite things to photograph lately. Its so mesmerizing in all it’s silent beauty.. Good night all xo


4 thoughts on “The lonely Moon

  1. yamyah says:

    love the new blog name and background. I’ve been wanting to photograph the moon too…got myself a nikon D3100 but am yet to master the fancy settings …many photos are still a bit blurry, i figured the lens may need some adjustment…i am far from beeing a pro :)

    • Sylviee says:

      Hello! Awe, thank you! Ive wanted to do it for ages but couldnt think of a new blog name that i liked enough!
      I love photographing the moon especially when its half full cause its always easy to capture the craters then :) Woowaweewaa thats an awesome camera, jealous! Im waiting to get myself a Canon actually too! Ahh well, practise makes perfect and all! I use a tripod when taking pics of the moon cause all that zooming makes keeping it still really difficult! XO

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I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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