Deer oh dear

Again I must apologise if this blog post seems a little half hearted, I feel like I’ve been awake constantly since November. Last night again I was reduced to a mere hour and a halfs sleep, tossing & turning and sleeping for what only felt like a few minutes.( This lack of sleep can play serious havoc on your temper, as I found out come midday) Today all I have done is crochet ,read, birdwatch and drink my weight in coffee. Oh and complain about being tired and cranky. It’s been a long day and my eyes are already lowering..
 6.30am. I guess you could say I ‘woke up’ even though I felt like I hadn’t actually been asleep all night. rather than lying there wishing for sleep I fished out my crochet sock project I’ve been working on since October to continue on, I’ve actually finished the first sock so I’m halfway there, just need to finish the second. Which is also halfway made! As well as that I began making another Ipod cozie out of this gorgeously soft multicoloured embroidery wool which just has the nicest look and feel to it.

I watched the sky change colours turning from gloom to glorious rays inbetween reading & once it was an acceptable time to head downstairs (after Tiggy went to school) I crept down to make myself a dippy egg and a mug of coffee for breakfast. I’ve been missing breakfast a lot lately because I’ve been sleeping through the mornings so this made a nice change. Afterwards I went to feed the birds that have gathered around the tree since I hung my make shift bird feeders up the other day, I stalked a robin for a while hoping to get a good shot and ended up with this rather noisy looking picture.. Still, he was cute and posed long enough to get a few shots even if they weren’t great quality. I think my camera is dying again.

Come midday I wasn’t in the best of moods and had little to energy but somehow continued my crochet. I think it’s because it’s the least  energy-zapping thing I can do and I don’t even need to have my eyes open to do it any more. This action as well as slowly replacing my coffee with hot chocolate lead to me getting sleepy and finally giving in to having a nanna nap for the next two hours.

Pretty unproductive day really. I really need to get back into a healthy sleeping pattern cause I don’t enjoy this zombie mood it’s turned me into and I’m wasting my time with it. Theres only x amount of days left till Christmas and I’ve got a big list of crafty things to get making, as awell as gifts to buy and plans to solidify. I really hope I sleep fully and wonderfully tonight. The best part about tonight was when the brother finally gave in and gave me his deer antlers I’ve been craving for months! They look so pretty above my curtains.


One thought on “Deer oh dear

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