Bright Skies & Bus Rides

Did I ever mention just how much I adore winter mornings? I’m very lucky to see such beauty from where I live. Being surrounded by mountains has its peeks! So what have I been up too since Thursday.. Well apart from not having enough time to blog Friday night I’ve been really rather busy dashing around for Christmas pressies and managing the craft fair in the shop. I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee & finishing some well-loved books in between too!

Friday night was a bit of a disaster, me being the ultimate procrastinater that I am, I kept putting off doing the most important things on my ‘to-do list’ leaving the embroidered cat cushion that someone kindly asked me to make for them the week prior, till the very last-minute. Full of smarts aren’t I?! I ended up sewing well into the early morning and woke with not only a sore back but an hour late for the craft fair. To top off this already disastrous morning the ice on the road (yes it’s finally come to wreak havoc) was especially bad and therefore we had to drive at a safe speed, making me further late. This ended up being all gravy though, seeing as the lovely lot at Fuji film didn’t mind at all and were really understanding. They’re so nice! :)

The craft market ended up making my miserable night/morning muuuch better as I sold lots of things that I was full sure wouldn’t sell! I’m almost sold out of my hedgie door wedgies and sold my embroidered cat pillow which really made my day. I still find it strange that people actually like my crafty bits enough to want them for themselves.. It baffles me! I dunno I guess I’ll never get used to it! After the market and in between taking breaks to make a dash to collect certain Christmas pressies and having a little rummage with mum it was time to leave and catch the bus to the city. It being 5pm it was already really dark and creepy so the hour journey on the bus was spent snuggled up in my wintry coat reading the final chapters to my book under the tiny little bus light.

Things I did not appreciate on this bus journey included; One, Freaky blonde girl who had a death stare like a vampire that never blinked whilst she STARED at me the entire hour. She really did creep me out, was she asleep with her eyes open? It came across my mind a few times as we met eyes. Scary women! Two, Annoying douche bag sitting behind me with big earphones who decided the entire bus would like to hear his seriously terrible enough-to-give-you-a-tumour (let along migraine) trance music whilst he furiously bopped his head like a pigeon to the tune. Not one song that we were forced to hear had a single lyric. Like really? Who could seriously listen to that crap and enjoy it? I was not the only one on the bus who didn’t appreciate this as he soon found out when the bus came to its final destination and lots of girls stood up making conscious efforts to turn and give the offender death stares that gave the vampire blonde a run for her money!

So I’ve been staying at Shane’s for the week, we plan to give each other’s Christmas presents at the end of the week and I’m screwed because I only have 2 out of the 5 pressies so far! So yes, more Christmas shopping is in order. I think we are doing this tomorrow as today Shane’s out braving the icy cold selling Christmas trees! So being the awesome girlfriend that I am, I’m going to make him some yummy apple crumble to warm him up :) XO


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