Wonka Style Chocolate Popping Candy Bars

This little Diy is a bit festive inspired and the slightly altered version of Jamie’s recipe he showed on his Christmas special the other night on the tellybox. He used scented sugars instead of pop rocks but I thought fizzing candy would be just that bit more fun for the kiddies! Plus I liked how much it made me feel like Willy Wonka, ha!

How to make quite possibly the easiest little treat ever. What you need:
Melted chocolate, I used a mix of three. Pop rocks in different flavours. Brown sugar. Grease proof paper (baking paper)

Step one.
Lay out your baking paper flat and open your pop rock packets. Sprinkle them over in lines or just go crazy with it! I did four lines, two bubble gum flavour, one strawberry and one cola. Then I sprinkled brown sugar in between to mix it up a bit. You don’t want it ALL to be popping! Or maybe you do? It’s up to you how you create it! :)

Step two.
In separate bowls have your chocolate to be melted. You can melt them in the microwave or over the cooker like I did with a pan of water below your bowl of chocolate. I melted milk chocolate first, then dark, then white. After each has melted take your chocolate and literally drip the chocolate over your pop rocks how ever you like. I did mine in swirls as I found it flew off the spoon easier than just dripping it on in globs. I then went on to using the dark chocolate after the milk and finished with white chocolate in swirls.

Step three.Your pretty much done! If you want to be a bit more experimental you can take a cocktail stick and swirl your two colours together or drag it through to create a marbled effect. Afterwards pop it into the fridge for about  5 – 10 mins! Carefully peel off your baking paper from the underneath and break into smaller squares.
(please do ignore my silly expression & poorly looking extensions..)
DONE! Wasn’t that ridiculously easy? They really do crackle too! Enjoy :) XO 


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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