Christmas with The Crank

Last Friday evening I had to help my dad out with his inabilities of Christmas shopping before we went home. Basically he didn’t know his way around Cork at all and wouldn’t believe me that there was a real actual Tesco in the city centre, so I led him the way so he could buy a cheaper version of what he didn’t want to pay for in Debenhams. In between these dashes from shops he walked in and around the yellow hoodie’d S.H.A.R.E collection students with his hands furiously shoved in his jeans pockets and a face like a smacked arse.

I even managed to drag him into Lush to make him cough up €4 to buy me a bath bomb! (He’s so tight when it comes to Christmas) You know that thing where ”all men” hate shopping? Dad is the king of hatred for shopping towards everything. Naturally, I found it all extremely amusing of course! So getting to the point of this post, (I didn’t intend to bitch so much about dad’s hatred for everything, honest!) I was a little cheeky and decided to treat myself to some of the lovelies I was full sure I didn’t already have for Crimbo. Cause you know, it’s totally okay too! I finally gave in and bought the lovely Starbucks coffee cup I’ve been admiring for ooges, It was half price too which really sealed the deal for me. I feel guilty buying myself pressies but I had everyone else already sorted so this made it okay!I really love the candy cane handle and the cute little booklet that comes with the coffee pack. Starbucks are a delicacy for me, as I only ever have it if I’m out of the Country or up in Dublin! So having these makes me a little too happy :)
I also bought myself some much needed crafty supplies including new crochet needles, some new colourful tweed balls to crochet with as well as some gorgeous snow flake printed fabric. I don’t have a project for it yet but it was too cute to not buy it! Shane’s older sister Tracy also gave me some veggie-friendly Percy Pig jelly sweets for Christmas! Percy pigs are probably my favourite jellys, next to the strawberries and red lips. So I was so excited when I realised they were gelatin-free! they taste seriously so yummy. Thanks Tracy! ♥


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