Winter morning walks

Something I really enjoy doing is going for walks around where I live, we’re surrounded by these beautiful mountains and forestry so exploring & having little adventures is a regular thing for me and my younger brothers. Tiggy loves coming to this part to ‘smash rocks’ as he calls it, he knows that during the Winter the little pond freezes over so he enjoys smashing it up with rocks.
 Last Winter we did a lot of night walking when the snow was really thick and the roads were iced over, I remember sliding around on the roads with Alex and falling on my nose so bad there was blood on the ice for days after! We also made an igloo last year, only we got too lazy and didn’t finish the top of it in time. The sun came and melted it all away. Ah well! Least we can say we made an igloo big enough for all of us to fit in :) Winter walks are definitely my favourite type of walks. Frosty air and the necessity for cozy mittens and extra layers. I love it!
Crochet mittens and top are handmade, tights and skirt from Primark, boots charity shop, belt Camden market.
Alex took these pictures. He actually likes helping me out with outfit shots even though they’re not really a regular thing on my blog. I just really like wearing this high waisted khaki skirt lately.. It did have these gross gold buttons all down the front but I took them off cause they were really hideous. You know my rule.. If it’s bought from Primark I must alter it in some way shape or form! XOXO


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    My spouse and i loved just about every phrase of your respective wonderful post. That of a delight to be able to go through that.

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