”this aint no fairytale”

Today’s adventures involved awkward contortioning,  outfit changes in amongst the woods, screaming in pain, doing a million jumping jacks to stay warm and being ankle deep in muddy swamp water. BUSY day! It was a lot of fun even if I couldn’t feel below my waist for most of it and have gained a couple new bruises and cuts. At one point I knelt down right onto a sharp rock and cut my knee, that was not pleasant. Please ignore the crazy outfit below. I had to keep warm in between shots as the dress isn’t the warmest of things to be wearing on one of the windiest days of the year! Obviously I can’t show you what I’ve been working on today with Alex as what we are doing is a mini series of pictures loosely themed on fear and nightmares. Editing the pictures takes a long time although I’m surprised at how many photos are already finished after only two hours of editing. Tomorrow we are heading back to the woods to re-shoot some ideas and create some new ones. Hopefully this time I can keep my boots and socks on!
I think I scared some farmers who were nearby as they saw me walking around looking a little worse for wear.. (you can’t see it in the picture above but I had a fake chest wound with blood dripping all up one side of my face!) They probably didn’t recognise me and ran for their lives anyway. After spending a few hours outside being blown away  it was so relieving to change into my warm clothes and fluffy uggs (seriously those things are heaven in a boot!) I had to wash the blood and dirt out of my chiffon dress in the sink and pick the leaves and mud clumps out of my hair before I could properly sit down and warm up with a cuppa and go over our pictures and edit. Alex took all the photos, including these ‘behind the scenes’ shots! I really hope the weather lays off for tomorrow. I don’t think I can face the blustery winds we had today again! Ever get so cold you start to get like crazily angry? No.. just me then! XO


6 thoughts on “”this aint no fairytale”

    • Sylviee says:

      Oh good not just me then! I found myself excessively cursing during one scene as the ground was bitterly cold and I couldn’t feel my toes! Paaain!! :O xx

    • Sylviee says:

      I love spending time down here in these woods, I had a mad hatters tea party in the very same spot for my 21st birthday party haha :) I just generally love exploring though, city or country! xx

      • Sabrina says:

        Sounds great :)
        I’ve got a forest almost next to my house but it’s boring and there’s nothing special at all. I also love exploring a lot. Did it when I’ve been to Howth 2010 :) You can probably do it here in Germany too, but I haven’t found places for that yet.

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