2011 Crafty recap

So I know I’m a little late with my recap of 2011 but I’ve had life get in the way and throw me off blog focus. I thought I would start with a recap of my Crafty List from last year as it was something I was especially adamant on finishing and it became a part of my blog.

I’m pretty surprised at how many I actually got through. I was told I was setting myself a few goals too many when I showed this to people, I even managed to squeeze in a few off my list before the year was out! Including finishing off my first ever pair of crochet’d socks!
No.2, Crochet myself a pair of socks. Not perfect in the slightest but I suppose that’s why I like them :) I really loved working with this wool, sometimes I find it can get a bit laborious when i’m using plain or solid colours so this mixed autumnal coloured wool was really fun to work with :] I still need to add some elastic to the top of the socks but other than that they’re done! I said I wouldn’t make more after these but Katie gifted me some amazingly soft mixed wools for Christmas and it’s got me wanting to start some new ones..
No.7, Make my own bound notebooks. You have no idea how long I’ve been hiding this from the blog world. I made it early December as a Christmas gift to Katie and was so surprised with how well my little home made leather bound book turned out that I wanted to show it to the world instantly! But I couldn’t as Katie would of found out etc so I waited… and here it is! I liked it so much I nearly almost didn’t want to give it to her! I filled every few pages with inspirational quotes and cute sayings for that extra special touch :)
 No.16, Create large paper mache and wire sculptures After Christmas on one of our movie nights we watched ‘The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus’ and as I had already seen it I brought my sketchbook along with me to jot down some ideas as the entire movie is so creatively inspiring. I fell in love with Valentina’s white crown she wears in one scene and immediately wanted to make my own. (Not for actually wearing but to use for said future photography projects) I made this using both wire and paper mache so this crown killed two birds with one stone so to speak.. I’m yet to decorate it from it’s newspaper covering.

Out of the 25 crafts I completed 18 with an exception of getting halfway through the tshirt rug I started. (I lost hope when i saw how amazing my friend Alise’s turned out!) I would have been able to finish my scrapbook as there is only 10 pages or so to go but with the craft fair taking up a lot of my time I had to let that slip for now. So with it being a new year again I’ve decided to start another crafty type of resolution. Mine being to make a craft each week for 52 weeks of the year and to blog ab0ut it at the end of each week. I know I haven’t started blogging about these yet as the first week is already up but I have a special diy tomorrow to show you! Till then.. XO


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