DIY Leather Bound Notebook

things you will need: Leather, A4 cartridge pages, Bone folder or knife, Skewer, needle, or book binding tool (awl), Wax covered linen thread, Scissors, ruler. Ipod is optional :) Okay, lets begin!
 Step one: Cut the leather two and three quarter times the width you want your book to be. Luckily I had just enough leather to cover these requirements. You can use pretty paper to cover the inside of your leather if you want but I didn’t have wallpaper paste to stick it down with so I just left it natural.

Step two:  The inner booklet is made up of five booklets, each with 16 pages. Take four sheets of your A4 cartridge paper and fold in half, using your ruler (or bone folder-I didn’t have one) run it along the seam to make a smooth edge. Cut the paper and fold in half again, repeating until you have the right amount of pages.Step three: This can be tricky. Now your booklets are made they need to be sewn in! Each booklet should have three holes down the spine equally spaced. To do this you will need to create a template. This can be done by drawing a line for each booklet, 4mm apart and divide the template in half and draw two lines at each end 2cm in from the border to mark where the holes need to go. Now wrap your leather around the booklets to find where you want your book spine to be, attach your template to the leather with masking tape along the spine. Where the lines meet, punch a hole with your awl. You should end up with 15 holes. Use the first line of your template to make three holes down the centre of each booklet.Step four: Sewing in your booklets.  I used regular embroidery thread but wax thread is probably better as it’s smoother. Starting in the centre of the first row of punctures sew through and along to make small threaded lines. Tie two reef knots to finish and trim the thread. Repeat this with all your booklets. Make a tie using a separate strip of leather to close and keep your new book fastened. Done!:)

Happy crafting lovelies :) XOXO


16 thoughts on “DIY Leather Bound Notebook

  1. Sabrina says:

    That’s great and I’d love to do it on my own, but I actually know that I’m too stupid for that. Really love your creativity and your DIY-posts <3
    You also really helped me when I was doing a CD-Cover for a friend for Christmas ;)

    • Sylviee says:

      Thank you!! Awe noo don’t say that! It’s so simple to make you should give it a try:) My cd tutorial is one of my most popular diys actually! Thanks do much :) xo

  2. Lana says:

    omg! cant picture how rapidly time pass, soon after August, ber months time already and Setempber could be the 1st Christmas season in my spot, I genuinely really like it.

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  4. kadry says:

    Very intreresting post. It was very relavant. I was searching exaxtly for this. Thank you for your effort. I hope you will write more such useful posts.

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