Last week in photos

I just wanted to start off by thanking you all for the huge attention my previous DIY got, I was amazed! So thank you kind readers. It really means so much to me that my blog is read and enjoyed, although sometimes I wonder why! I ramble too much! :)

Some pictures from my week whilst Shane was over at mine.

20120112-012202 PM.jpgSmall boy always complains that noone plays with him so the lads played a game of connect with the small boy to keep him entertained whilst I got busy making another diy project to show you soon!

20120112-012217 PM.jpgBreaking Bad. My latest favourite show since Dexter. Shane brought series one and two down with him and I’m totally hooked on this show! Dare I say it’s even more gripping than dear old Dexter?

20120112-012310 PM.jpgWe made seriously addictive vanilla cookies but added in peanut butter m&m’s Shane’s mum got him from America. Oh my god are they yummy! Why is it America has all the best sweets? I need to get a pen-pal who will mail me American candy in exchange for Irish sweets! Any takers? :)

20120112-012259 PM.jpgAnother new obsession we’ve recently got hooked (line&sinker) on. Scrabble! Small boy asked for a game and we said why not, little did we know we’d get so into it.. So much so we even got the Scrabble app to play each other when we’re on the go! (he always wins..)

20120112-012315 PM.jpgMore yummy cookie-ness. mmm nom nom!

20120112-012409 PM.jpgWatching the Deathly Hallows again. I cried even more than the first time watching it! Shane was just as transfixed as I was! I love Voldemorts face in this picture :)
 The last of the harvest. I’m trying to make more of an effort helping outside (i loathe gardening in case you didn’t know) as it’s one of mum’s conditions for quitting her 30year smoking habit. I love picking brussel sprouts and seeing them all in little tubs makes me squeal with delight. We all helped out until it started to rain and I broke the rake. Sorry mama!
 Part of yesterdays ‘January Photoaday’ thing I’m doing over on my instagram. We had our bags crammed full for our long trip back up to Cobh. It was such a long haul, but more on that later. I feel I owe a blog post as I tried writing this post at least three times on my WordPress app and even published it half written by accident! (Sorry if you clicked broken links)

So there was my week with my lovely! I’m now spending the week up at his and so far it’s been lots of fun :)
Have a good weekend! XOXO


7 thoughts on “Last week in photos

  1. Sylviee says:

    I had Milka chocolate a few years ago when I visited Germany on a school tour, it was really yummy! Sadly I didn’t try out any other German sweets whilst I was there!

  2. Sabrina says:

    That’s kinda great as well :D There are so many great tastes in Milka chocolate. I actually LOVE Cadbury Chocolate <3 But to get some I always have to drive to Cologne cause there's the only place to get it in an English shop :/

    • Sylviee says:

      Awee that sucks, Cadbury chocolate is the BOMB! I love Hersheys chocolate as well..and sour skittles! Do you have them over in Germany? We should be penpals and do sweet swaps or something!:)

      • Sabrina says:

        Yeah, probably we have sour skittles. I know we have the normal skittles. Haven’t eaten them for a while now :D Just found out where to buy sweets I used to eat in my childhood and haven’t eaten for ages <3
        If you wanted, I wouldn't say no :D Just need to know if there's something exactly you'd like to have or if it's just bout any sweets and I could send it to you :D

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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