Project 365

I’ve made sure two thousand and twelve will be another busy year for me. Just having a look at all of my resolutions, plans and goals for the year is proof! Something I wanted to start last year but gave up on the first day was doing a 365 project. I wanted to do a sketch a day to help me get back into drawing, (something i fell out of after art college odd illy enough) and it fell through. I remember trying to draw a wolf and getting annoyed because I was no good so I gave up!

After Christmas just passed, inbetween Stevens day and New years I spent a lot of time thinking of ideas. A photo a day came to mind but I didn’t want to clog my laptop up and I don’t have a full flikr account so that one went out the window. Then i stumbled upon an old photo whilst clearing my shelves out and saw that I had scratched some thoughts on to the photo and it was like a lightbulb moment for me, i’ll do that each day! So that’s the story how my 365 project came about! (I know this year it’s actually 366 but I prefer saying 365.) Here’s January 1st – 12th so far.

I have a nasty habit of collecting photos. Both online and physically. It started a few years ago whilst flicking through pretty websites, I would see a nice picture and save it to a album and it went from there. Before I switched laptops I went through this crazily stuffed folder and spring cleaned it, deleting a few hundred that I had already uploaded to my tumblr and then kept the rest. In college I started collecting pictures from the photography department. I would steal discarded photo’s from the waste bin and keep them in a folder in my bag for scrap booking. A lot of them are really random or ruined but I loved them. I liked not knowing the story behind the people in the pictures. So these (as well as some of my own ruined photos I had kept) all went into a box for my 365 where I take a photo of choice each day and scratch a thought or a favourite memory from that day into the photo and mark the bottom with 1/365. It’s going well and I’m really enjoying seeing them pile up!

Friday’s photo. Running through Cork to catch a train that was about to leave. It reads, ”Nearly (by a few seconds) missed the train. We ran so fast I thought my legs would give up & fall off.” I’m hoping to scan these in after each month and maybe start a 365 page on my Tumblr to put them all. I know these are going into they’re own separate scrapbook once the year is out! And what about any of you lovely readers? Are you doing a 365 project this year? XO


4 thoughts on “Project 365

  1. LaineApine says:

    This looks so good!
    New resolutions and projects are awesome! I did my 365 last year. It took a LOT, but it was so much fun and development!
    If you’re interested, I have a blog post about 11 photo project ideas ;)
    Hope you gather all your creativity and DO IT!

    • Sylviee says:

      Thank youu!
      yeah i’m hoping mine will develop into greater things, give me more ideas arty wise etc. Ohh lovely I’d love to check yours out, thank you for leaving your link! I’ll be sure pay a visit :) xo

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