Banana milkshake

After a big dose of wanderlust hitting me hard and the other usual triggers that make me feel crappy I decided to block everything out with a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad and a pint of Banana milkshake to cheer me up. Yeah I’m bad-ass. I’m feeling better, after realising that i’m a silly girl for getting upset over silly things and thought maybe a good cry was long over due. 

Today was a good day before the weepiness took over me, it still is really. I did the usual Saturday wanderings around Macroom and thrifted myself a pretty River Island skirt and yet another lovely jumper. I realise this clocks me in at just over 30 odd jumpers so I’m making myself give some of them away. A lot of them I don’t wear any more or I just don’t like them now. I’ve grown out of the whole baggy jumper with shorts and tights scenario I over played last year, it’s too easy to just throw them on like you don’t give a shit (but really spent ages to look like you just got up and don’t care) so throwing some of mine out will be a good thing..hard to do, but good.

Happy rest of the weekend. I’m being super bad ass and sooo social spending my Saturday night in with copious amounts of milkshake and Breaking Bad.. xo


3 thoughts on “Banana milkshake

  1. Lyzi says:

    I had a weepy one yesterday too! Hope you’re feeling much better today. I had a theraputic clear-out which helped! Milkshake also makes everything better!! xxx

    • Sylviee says:

      Awee you too? Hope your feeling better now you’ve had your dose of James Franco haha :) I made sure to make myself feel better, made lots of lists and stuck at them! weird, I also had a bit of a clear out, it does help doesn’t it! Clear space, clear mind sort of thing. mm yeah milkshake is something I never get enough of but love!! xxx

  2. tanya says:

    I’m commenting to let you know what a useful discovery my friend’s daughter has undergone reading your blog. She has gained so much, including interesting tutorials and crafts. You actually did more than our own expected results. Many thanks for displaying the powerful, trustworthy, informative and fun tips :)

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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