Parma Violet

So yesterday was my time to go home from spending a glorious two weeks with Shane. The going home part always sucks but there are some parts about leaving I do like. I love trains, it’s kind of geeky but I really enjoy being on trains and watching everything go by. I’m so used to buses from spending 6+years on the damn thing that I’ve grown overused to it, but trains are still a new pleasure for me. Silly right? Well before I met Shane I hadn’t been on a train in Ireland ever! There’s just not enough of them around these rural parts in which I live. So I always enjoy the train trips back and forth. 

Since starting my 365 I’ve been quickly running out of ‘ruined’ photo’s to use so todays mission (whilst I made my way back home) was too take as many pointless but still very usable/pretty pictures as I could. I’ve got far too many dark photo’s already so I wanted some brighter ones to use. I took a kazillion as usual (some turned out oddly good?) but I’m not printing them all out, just enough to do me until I can get more of my lomo film developed. 

Tomorrow I plan to join the local library whilst I’m in town and borrow a couple of books, ticking that off my goals for the year. There’s just too many beautiful and inspirational books at Waterstones but I have bigger things to save for this year, so my shelves will stay as they are for the time being. Unless the second hand stores get some goodies in!Speaking of second hand stores, whilst I was Shane was at the Skate park I spent a little time rummaging through some of my favourite charity shops. It’s definitely one of my favourite things to do, scout out all the shops for things that I have been searching for ages for or finding items I can restyle/alter or even make something totally new out of. I’m being strict with what I buy from now on, so although everything I found would sit perfectly in my wardrobe I left them for others to snap up, only buying an oversized floral summery blouse and a funky yellow top. I did however give in and buy some ridiculous but quite amazing leggings for cheap as chips prices. More to come on those later though, I’m dying to catch up on Breaking Bad and my episode is waiting for me! G’night XO


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