Morning walks

In early January myself and the brother began our little photography project together, the mini series. We’re being very secretive when it comes to our project and i’m trying so hard not to let on what its going to be like etc as it’s only growing and it’s something we want to really spend a lot of time on. What I can show and tell is the locations we’ve been keenly exploring for said project. Finding the locations is half the fun, and when we do find nifty little places the ideas sort of flow with the location. 
Some of these places we find are literally just down the road from us, across the fields or even in our own back garden. It’s nice to spend an hour or two out of the house just wandering with open minds and the thought process a-flow. Weirdly enough me and the brother have been getting on even better now we’re doing something together that doesn’t include the x-box!This bath is so old and rusted. It’s quite bizzare to walk past someone’s house and see a bath just standing there filled with thick black liquid. It’s been there for years no doubt. Shortly after this was taken we came across an eerie little lane smothered in trees and moss, perfect for a photo spot. The only thing that’s stopping us lately is the dismal weather January always seems to bring. This walk seems ages ago now it’s February. Now the weather seems to be getting more wintry (finally!) I’m really feeling the urge to go for more walks with my camera in tow back to some of our favourite photo locations.. ♥ xo


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