Pinch Punch

Seeing as it’s the first of the month (Hello February!) and all I thought why not do a little January re-cap of how I did with my long list of resolutions so far and more importantly, what I haven’t started yet. I’m hoping this won’t be too much of a long post but don’t hold your breath!

Things I have accomplished since January 1st;

  • I’ve enquired about my canon 550D and awaiting a call back about prices, so that’s exciting!
  • I have finally acquired a luggage holdall on wheels (no more achy shoulders!)
  • Jelly sweets are no more. This is a tough one but since mama has amazing friends in England who send me over little packages full of Swedish Fish, i’m a content little cherub. Also, Marks&Expensive sell Percy Pigs in gelatin free options.
  • I have began my 150 book challenge, finishing one book and beginning another during Jan. I have come to terms with the fact that 150 books is just aiming too high, I may live a dull life in the rural outback but I do have other things to be doing. I’ve heard some people have already finished their 7th/8th book-do they seriously just read ALL the time or what?
  • Ticked off some things from my 101 list.
  • I’m routinely sticking to twice daily stretching and trampolining when the weather allows.
  •  Been more crafty, scrap booked some more, bought new sketch book for blog ideas and projects.
  • Recycled as much as I usually do. My newly cleared art cupboard is full of filing systems devoted to bubble wrap, envelopes and cardboard. as well as organised fabric piles and papers.
  • Movie nights with the brother leading to his newest obsession – Dexter.
  • Gained more followers to my blog, best news ever! Hello lovely new readers :]

Things I have started;

  • Patchwork quilt planning. I’ve recently come into a lot of new patterned fabric, which means I’ve been planning a new quilt! I want this new one to be harder patterned and therefore it needs lots of planning. Small colourful piles are sitting awaiting to be stitched together.
  • Crochet more. again, I’ve small colourful piles of granny squares in a tub at the end of my bed.
  • photography. I’ve been working silently on this..
  • more drawing/painting in my scrapbook. Slowly but surely that beast is getting finished.
  • 365 projects. I’ve been keeping to all three I have going so far, my scratching pictures, instagram’s photo a day and my project 52 (although i’m a week behind on this!)

Things I haven’t started and should have because they aren’t that difficult;

  • Helping out more in the garden, I’ve only done this once so far. To be fair the weathers been shite, although that never stops mama..
  • I haven’t joined the local library. I walk past this library countless times on my way to my favourite charity shop. Why I haven’t joined yet is beyond me.
  • Dentist & Doctor visits have still not happened. Silly girl I am.
  • Lockdown still have not heard from me. Reasons being that I am afraid & keep putting it off
  •  Quality nights with mama haven’t been happening at all, this sucks as I am more and more aware of how much a sucky daughter I can be.
  • Framed and hung up Shane’s picture he drew for me. I need a frame that fits it!

So as we can see.. I’ve accomplished a lot so far last month, ticking off a few goodies from my resolution list. The accomplished definitely outweighs the unaccomplished but I really want to start getting the easier things ticked off, the things I’ve been putting off for no good reason. I must make time for things. How about you? Have you been strict with your resolutions? xo


12 thoughts on “Pinch Punch

    • Sylviee says:

      ahh you know me though, I love to keep busy! My quilting plans have changed again, saw a gorgeous new pattern that I cant get out of my head! Cant wait to have you over next! xxx

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  2. vima brasil says:

    I have read several excellent posts and learnt so much here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting. The effort you put in to make such a amazing informative blog is clear to see :)

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