HELLO! Since returning from the land of Cobh I’ve been taking things slow at home. Slow being the usual really, the weather has been as lovely as it ever gets down here. Dull and bleak. So I’ve been spending my time at home usually struggling through the day sipping my caffeine waiting for my body to wake up (being a night owl has its problems) and getting ready to do things as the sun goes down.

Making jewellery has been a favourite thing to do as of late, last night I made myself two new necklaces, another ring and a bracelet. All to come up on the coming weekly DIY posts I’ve got going for my Project 52! Other than that I’ve been jotting down all my ideas, thoughts and crazy notions into a lovely new notebook mama gave me for Christmas and I even braved the all too scary first page in a new sketchbook. Why are empty sketchbooks so daunting for me? I’m trying to not take drawing to seriously as I have a habit of wanting things to be exactly the way they are in my head as I draw them, perfect. This never happens and I have given up way too many projects and sketchbooks this way. Finishing a tattoo for a friend has proven to be a struggle too, I can’t get one part right and I’m scared I’ll over do it and ruin it if I rush.. So I’m trying to wait till I’m in the right frame of mind to finish it but I only have a certain amount of time as my friend wants it done now so I’m in-between a rock and a hard place kind of scenario.

 Today I went to a lovely 1st birthday party of my friends little one and ate far too much cake and drank far too much coffee. I’m full up to my lungs with party food and all I want to do is hibernate under my pillows watching the last few episodes of breaking bad. BB is taking over my sleeping pattern, 4am I stopped watching it last night and I could have easily watched another episode only I knew I had to be up for todays shindig. Tomorrow I’m getting up even earlier as my friend wants me to come running with her as a bit of a health kick and get fit sort of thing.. I’m going to pass out! I don’t even own running shoes.. Hopefully I’ll burn off whatever I’ve put on from the birthday cake anyway! Wish me luck..! xo


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