DIY: Matching Moustache Necklace & Keychain

Another weekly DIY installment of my Project 52! Ever see those Moustache necklaces around the likes of Topshop or H&M? They’re always gorgeous but come with a rather hefty price tag I find.. And I simply refuse to fork out money for something that I can easily make myself. So I did, and today I’m going to show you just how simple it is to make your very own moustchio necklace too :) Save your pennies! Here’s how to make it.
Fimo moulding clay, preferably in black. Black acrylic paint if you don’t have black Fimo! A necklace chain and two of them circle rings in the picture above. large and small pliers. Lets get started! Step one: Mould yourself a not too thin Fimo moustache and poke a hole in each end of the curves. Bake in the oven following the instructions.
 Step two: Once your moustache is baked and dried, paint it black. If you have Black fimo skip this step, making this tutorial even easier for you! Leave to dry and come back in a few minutes.
Step three: Using your circular rings open them out using the pliers and hook them through your punched holes. Snap your necklace carefully in half and hook each end of the necklace into your curved rings. Squeeze them shut using pliers and twist the rings till the opening is hidden inside the Fimo mould. Easy as pie, right? I love wearing mine!To make a matching moustache key chain follow the same rules only poke a hole through one curve and hook it up to a key ring chain for your man friend :) These are great for taking silly photos, impersonating Mario or just adding a bit of fun to your daily outfit. Try it! You can see my other Project 52 DIY’s right here. xoxo


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