Holy Cow

I’ve had an eventful few days this last week, finding time to blog is not my strong point, I’m sorry. Who reads my ramblings anyway?! I’ve been blessed with a few lovely things happening in life this week with great friends and family. I’ve even managed to document some of the unexpected moments that made me both laugh, freak out and get a tad be grossed out!
Birthday party! And to make it even better, Kiddies Birthday party! My friends baba turned the big 1 and I got to eat mountains of veggie pasta salad, homemade coleslaw and to top it off, double chocolate fudge cake. It was a cute day. After her big day myself and Elaine in a hasty decision decided to take up running to get fit and did a  w h o l e  two days worth. My ankles still haven’t recovered since  I was stoopid enough to wear converse instead of proper running shoes! Serves me right. We finished our night sewing a rather pretty skirt in front of the fire with a few glasses of wine, to counter out our hard running.
Play dates have got to be the cutest ever. My little sister Ellie (the one who looks like a grape with chocolate on her face!) met Anna for the first proper time and they hit it off! Hit it off as in Ellie being the bully pushed Anna over a few times and got bossy on the trampoline, Anna loved her first time on the trampoline regardless of bossy boots Ellie :)
Katie came back from Budapest to stay for a few days! We had the pleasure of having a night and a half with her, getting up to our usual – emptying a few wine bottles and watching a few ghastly ‘horror’ films in between giggles. It was so good seeing her again, we made her lovely Butternut squash soup recipe for dinner and went for a tipsy midnight walk along the road before finishing off our night with long girly chats and going to sleep as the sun came up! ♥
Walking out of my house yesterday I was met by this. Apparently I should be used to that sort of thing living in the country, but really? A rouge cow coming charging from the side of your house and running wild all over the garden? I’m clearly still not used to farm life. A few cuss words were said and I might have felt my heart drop but all was over in a matter of minutes. Cows freak me out.
And lastly, mums been incubating our chicken eggs for the last 21 days as a sort of side project, just to see if it works. Our Cockerell. Cadbury had been showing signs of being a little too happy with one of our smaller chickens, occasionally jumping on her and giving her what for. So mum collected up the eggs that resulted in Cadbury’s antics and 21 days later I watched these darling chicklets hatch before my very eyes! We have three chicks out of a possible seven so far. Yolko, Fernando and Lucky. Lucky nearly didn’t make it as I helped him hatch a little too early, but thank fully he’s alive and doing well. I’m totally put off eating eggs now I’ve witnessed the births but it was magical all the same. Gross, but magical.

So there is the highlights of my week! I’m now off to spend Valentines with my boyfriend, eee! I’ve been super corny and made cake pops for him :) Happy rest of the weekend! xo


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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