Valentine’s inspired DIY gifts.

Don’t be a Valentines grouch! With V Day next week I thought I would share a few of my favourite DIY projects and cutesy things. Who doesn’t like receiving something that lets you know you’re adored? Even if you are single and ”forever alone” (i hate those silly slogans..) why not pamper yourself or treat you and your bestie to a day of loveliness? I never go over the top for V day cause I’ve always thought it was just a way for the Card company to make more money (here I am going on about being an anti-grouch then!) so I always made my own cards anyway. HANDMADE IS BEST, ALWAYS!

I made a few simple and easy to make yourself jewellery bits for you to try yourself!First I’m obviously going to mention the cute little Matching moustache necklace and key ring I made for last weeks diy, is it not the cutest idea for a couple? I think so. See my tutorial how to make these cute little tashe’s here.

Little L.O.V.E bangle, made from copper wire. Super easy to mould the lettering and then curl a little latch and circle to close. The only hard part is it keeping shape, unless you use a stronger wire than copper like I did. Make a bunch with different words!
Love heart ring, made from copper wire. I made this to kind of go with the Bangle above, as they match and look simply lovely. Same sort of approach as the Bangle, twist it into shape and hook the end into the loop to finish. The smaller the shape the sturdier the shape holds.

Below are some of favourite nerdy valentine finds via Tumblr and general internet creeping, it’s not always roses and chocolates you know! I just love all of these gifts below! plus they are all makeable!
From top left to bottom right; Cute heart made from Lego bricks for all the Lego lovers out there! (I would glue the bricks together and add a key chain!) Oven bake clay tentacles in different colours with suckers holding the heart shape, i love this. For all the Portal lovers out there, making your own companion cube with Fimo clay for your special someone is such a cute idea! And finally, this genius scrabble pillow set! This could be easily done on blank cushion covers and watered down acrylic paint.

So have I inspired you? I really hope so. GET CRAFTING! ♥


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