Valentine o’ mine.


So yesterday was the big dreaded V day! Hence my 365 picture above. How did it go for you?

We actually had quite a fantastic day in terms of everything running smoothly and going well despite the fact we didn’t really plan it and left it up to fate/snap decisions (typical us!) as usually this doesn’t happen. Something always goes wrong! But yesterday the universe was on our side. We travelled to Dublin to get lunch together, drink my body weight in Starbucks coffee and finally visit The Human Body exhibition that was being displayed at the Ambassador Theatre. Exciting!! (more on this later) Not your traditional Vday date you say? Well we don’t do traditional!

the remains of our bus nibbles

The bus up and down to Dublin wasn’t as bad as we were expecting, we kept ourselves entertained for the journey anyway. One thing I have learnt for any future journeys is, people on the last Dublin bus to Cork are more than always, assholes. Both ways we got stuck behind and across from women who felt the need to talk extremely loudly on their phones or blast music from their laptop speakers. Who does that these days?! Hello earphones like. Lucky for Shane he managed to sleep his way home! I however was jacked up on copious amounts of strong coffee and could not for the life of me calm down or sleep. I wrote pages and pages of notes, had a giggling fit and nearly got Shane and myself into trouble as I was mocking the loud phone caller in my caffeine induced state (Luckily she didn’t hear me/was mature enough to ignore my childish outburst..)  and finally feeling the draining effect coffee gives whilst I sped-read through my current book.

Nothing better than free music courtesy of Starbucks!

After we returned back to Cork we rushed for more public transport and caught the train home, stopping off in the Chinese to get our favourite munch and head home to jump into our jammies and enjoy our take out cozy style :] Couldn’t have been a better day and night if you ask me! It was our third Valentines together and by far the best! I just love that boy of mine :)

spoilt :)

I was surprised with these yummy delights earlier today! I love Lindt chocolate! That bear is going to get decapitated pretty soon.. and as for the Dairy Box, the first shelf has already been devoured! I’m meant to be giving up chocolate at the end of the month, so i’m getting my fix in before Lent! :) Hope you all had a lovely Valentines too! xo


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