DIY Fabric Printed Canvas Bag

This weeks DIY post is one of my faaavourite things to do. FABRIC PRINTING! I cannot begin to tell you how much I love everything to do with paint that sticks (and stays permanent) to fabric. It’s like the most versatile thing to do when you want to make a statement something. The possibilities are endless! So with that in mind, i’m going to show you a simple little tutorial on how to fabric print your own cavas bag!

What you’ll need: Fabric paints (or acyrilic paint) and brushes, sketch book to draw up your designs, plain canvas bag (I got mine for €2 in Cork Art Supplies) Stamps either handmade like mine or store bought.

Step one: Draw up your design that you fancy. I choose a chicken, hearts and mini squares as I wanted to give this as a gift to my mama for Christmas just passed (she loved it!) Draw up and cut your basic shape out of the foam, here’s where I went a bit skewiff and gave up with the polka dot section. Carving dots out of foam is just too tricky for me. I carefully and finally overcame that obstacle though..
Step two: Lightly cover your stamp in paint and your ready to print! Notice how it didn’t print too great above? You can always retouch it like I did! I ended up pretty much paint the entire thing, once I had the shapes to work from making it symmetrical.
Step three: Continue painting, using new stamps and carefully filling in all the sections the stamp couldn’t print. I gave my chicken a beak and those freaky red things on its head and under its chin. Strange things! Finishing it off with my mini squares stamp and followed the printing around to the other side. You might want to put down newspaper or something to cover your worktop (like I didn’t and therefore got the paint permanently on my rug..) Aaand leave to dry! You are now the proud owner of an awesome hand printed bag. I always say, why buy these things when they are so easy to make yourself? Just as I have prooved, hand printed bags really aren’t that difficult. Happy crafting! :) xo

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    I was watching the episode of Ugly Betty where she started a blog.. . I’ve always wanted to have a blog (that people would actually read!) and I have some great ideas for some but how do i actually start one on the internet?. . Help much appreciated..

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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