DIY Make Up Bag Tutorial

Hey everyone! Want another easy peasy tutorial for a lazy Sunday evening? I know I only did my weekly tutorial yesterday but i’m a week behind since 2012 started and I needed to catch up! Plus, I’ve been meaning to do this tute for a while now and finally got the time today when I was babysitting my little sister (and drawing blue eyeliner moustaches on her)

I’m never one to carry so much make up that it’s coming out of my ears so it’s usally just chucked in and around my bag I carry everywhere with me. Only it’s getting kind of annoying going to grab my keys and pulling out my mascara wand entangled in my I needed a quick fix. And this tutorial is so it. I snapped this up in under half an hour! The tutorial is so easy to follow and you need little to no experience in sewing skills to make this. I followed the lovely Kaja’s tutorial, which can be viewed here.

Happy Sunday! I’m going spending mine crafting, watching films and no doubt drinking enough tea to sink a small ship. XOXO


4 thoughts on “DIY Make Up Bag Tutorial

  1. Katja says:

    ooooooh! it looks so pretty <3
    glad my tutorial worked, i love seeing things made by my DIYs.

    you did a great job, sylvie!!!



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I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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