Big fat fuzzy cat

So last night was a big accomplishment in terms of my sewing skills! I made my first tshirt and successfully too I might add. Tshirts are so simple I don’t know why I’ve always put off making them. Dresses are easy, so why were tshirts so daunting for me?! Well, they’re not any more! Originally I wanted to just paint a fat black cat onto a store bought shirt but I couldn’t find any that fit me right.  I had some really light weight cotton fabric lying around and deciding to just go for it. The hardest part was aligning the sleeves. It’s not perfect but it was so much fun making and painting. My angry cat turned out okay too, although it’s more like a fat fuzzy hamster or something, ha! The back of my tee makes me giggle :)So what do you think? I’m itching to make more tops now! I spent the afternoon going through more fabric baskets of mine in search for the right type of fabric to make more with. So no doubt tonight will be another late night spent hunched over my dear little sewing machine. Squee! ♥ xo


8 thoughts on “Big fat fuzzy cat

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