Cheep cheep!

The last time I saw the chicks were literally right after birth, when they were still sticky from the egg they came from. So seeing them in there full fluffy yellowy-ness is just lovely. I’ve been making an effort to handle them as much as I can so they get used to human contact. Mum’s ‘girls’ as she calls them, follow her around like a bad smell. All she needs to do when they get loose is walk out and shout ‘come on girls!’ as she walks back towards the paddock with them following her in tow. Our chihuahua is the same, he won’t go anywhere without mum being there. If he had it his way he would even follow her to the bathroom! (he’s not allowed upstairs)
Back to the chicklets, it was quite difficult taking these photos as I didn’t have my clicker and I only noticed after I took these that the focus was off.  The chicks need to stay under a red light for another few weeks, so taking them away from they’re warm bed for too long is a no-no. So these pictures will have to suffice! Apologies for my unclean nails, since dying my hair I haven’t been able to get all of the blue off my fingertips! Just a bit of fun colour before I dye out all of my ombré hair. I’ve always loved being blue! xo


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