By the seaside..


 Yesterday mum and I took ourselves down to Bantry town for the weekly farmers market. It’s literally one of mum’s favourite places to go and have a really good rummage as it’s almost always good for finds and really cheap. Everyone down there seems to be such lovely friendly people, except for a few crazy gypsy ladies who wouldn’t let me leave until I had my palm read by Madam Rosa (eek!) Luckily I managed to wriggle myself out of that situation sharpish. Every time we’ve been down there it’s been gloriously sunny too!

A treasure trove of finds!

I met a lovely man who funnily enough shared the exact same name as my dad and he told me his long life exploring the ‘old’ world jumping from country to country. He had quite an amazing set of clocks and instruments used for measuring longitude and latitude.. He was even lovely enough to let me snap a few photo’s of his beautiful collection.

Would make a nifty gold fish bowl :)

 Isn’t the old diver’s helmet amazing? He offered to let me try it on but I was afraid my small shoulders would give way and I would fall down from the weight of it. Now I think of it, I wish I did try it on! What a fantastic picture that would have been. I absolutely LOVE the clock below too. I love cresent moons, and this one is almost exactly the same as the moon I have tattooed on my ankle.

amazing details!

Although there wasn’t anything for me at the market this time around (we rarely come down but when we do I’ve been known to give in and splurge a little on beautiful rings and things) I did find a couple of treasures at the charity shops! Since I’ve been going through my fabric supply like nobody’s business I thought it was a good time to invest in some more. I was lucky enough to find some beautiful blue floral sheets which I already have plans for as well as some light blue striped fabric which will work great with a secret project I’ve been working away on since Thursday night. Also, I picked up some rather lovely but strange printed brown sheets, detailed with trees and sparrows by the looks of it. I’m happy with my find and so is my purse, only spending €4 for the lot! Bargain!


On the way home I treated myself to a slice of Victoria sponge cake and a cup of sugarless (Lent!) vanilla tea to enjoy whilst we talked about our finds at the market. Mum scored some quirky vintage signs and a creepy Micthelin man which now sits in our kitchen! I can’t wait to returnagain, a change of (shopping) scenery is always a good thing! xo


8 thoughts on “By the seaside..

    • Sylviee says:

      The first Friday of every month holds a massive market there, but we went on an ordinary Friday. I’ve missed the sunshine so much, feels like its been the longest winter!

  1. Yamyah says:

    the second photo ♥♥ i cant believe it…i’ve been looking for a statue like the bronze one in the back…it is just like what i had in mind.

    • Sylviee says:

      Really?! Cool, the man who was selling these said he goes to India to buy them all over there really cheap and brings them back to sell at extortionate prices! :O xo

  2. Yamyah says:

    maybe if i google online for some esoteric shops in India :} i found one last year in a charity shop…waited because i couldnt buy it at the time, when i went back it was gone -_- i’m sure the right one will turn up though :)

  3. Dobbin says:

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