Wow, Spring is truly here and in full bloom too! It’s slowly but surely getting lovelier and sunnier each day. I spent yesterday afternoon lying out on my roof with my ipod in hand soaking up the sun’s rays with a mug of camomile ‘calming’ tea and not particularly enjoying it as much as I would have liked (no sugar rule sucks!) whilst spying on little brother through the trees, heehee! Some pictures from the day.

I’m really enjoying having blue hair again. Even though it’s just the ends it’s enough to hold back the cravings of full headed blue hair! I gave the chicks a squeeze and drunk up the last of my could-have-been-nicer tea before getting a few shots of the sunset through our dead but still very pretty flowers. I’ve also noticed we’re almost getting an extra hour of sunlight lately, in January it would be dark by 6pm and it was still like this at half 6 today! It’s silly how this makes such a difference to my moods.. Seasonal adjustment disorder anyone? :) xo


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