DIY Tile Art

Over the years my mum has been collecting numerous things, some being a bizzare collection of random and pretty tiles as well as a rather large collection of wooden picture frames (which I too have started slowly collecting.) Without sticking them permanently to the walls she came up with a neat little way to use and display them! And this is how this diy was born. It’s really quick and if it’s your sort of thing then great!

What you need: A small square tile, picture frame to fit the tile, masking tape, acrylic paint and brush.

Mum wanted me to recreate a sign she saw whilst we were at the Market last Friday so I already knew what I was going to paint on my tile. Choose your image and scale it up to the tile. I drew mine on first with pencil but it did no good as I had to paint the tile white making the pencil markings disappear! 
I started my letters backwards, as I seem to think I can paint them better then. (I generally hate my handwriting and wish I had the beautiful handwriting of a girl who used to send me little notes every now and then!) So paint your design to your tile, let it dry, pop it back into the frame and tape the tile to the back of the frame. Viola, you are finished. This sign now hangs in our kitchen, mama duck was happy :)


6 thoughts on “DIY Tile Art

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