Good for snuggles

Bed! It’s glorious isn’t it? My bed is always comfiest when I know I should get out of it. I expect it’s the same for everyone else too. Another thing that’s glorious, finishing your third patchwork quilt in three days. THREE DAYS. I’m telling you I was on a mission with this thing. I decided to put together my fabric piles I had gathered and just get on with it (Thursday night was a boring one so I decided to make it interesting by doing this) Three hours later and I had all my patches sewn together.

The next morning I realised I had sewn the pattern wrong and messed up a bunch of tiles so I had to un-stitch it all and start again. Annoying! So after that I went to Bantry market with mama and bought some lovely blue stripey sheets and decided my quilt needed a border around it. Saturday was a no-sew day and Sunday was spent hand sewing the patchwork cover to a base cover and it took literally all day. I was finished with an hour before midnight and rewarded my efforts with two films, Burts bees hand cream for my sore fingers and some hard boiled sweets.
Can I just say I find taking pictures of patchworks quilts SO awkward. They’re for indoor use so taking pictures of them indoors would make sense but my room is far too dark all the time and the only light I get is serrrriously early morning light, hence why my face is not viewable & my hair is a bit of a birds nest! And taking pictures of a quilt outside when it’s not Summer just seems silly to me, especially when finding a dry spot to perch for a picture is near impossible to do! Plus the neighbours already think I’m weird enough without trawling outside wrapped up like a walking nest! I made the patches from scrap ‘fat quarter’s that a friend gave me, I didn’t really care how it looked I just knew I wanted it to be patterned and I felt like making it. Since it’s been finished I’ve replaced my old patchwork quilt with it and have been enjoying snuggling up with it immensely. I did say I would never make another one after my first, but this is my third and already I’ve been drawing up new quilt designs! :) xoxo


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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