Goodbye February (and thank you for being so nice)

February is my favourite month of the year to spell. That might sound weird but I really enjoy saying and spelling the word. October, of course is my ultimate favourite month but that’s not for ages so lets get on.

Another month has gone by! Lots of people have said how quick last month has been but for me it felt like a good long month. I like it when they don’t fly, I’ve always thought the first three months whizz by. Thankfully it hasn’t this time! It’s time to do a recap of Last month and what I got up too resolutions wise. Here’s January’s recap too if your interested!

Things I’ve have accomplished since February 1st and/or continued:

  • I got myself pretty new bedding. Seems a silly one but my quilt likes to take the piss, I can’t find any bedding that fits it! Alas, I have stolen found some pretty checked bedding from mum’s our cubboards.
  • I’ve read another book. I’m actually disappointed with my reading speed lately. I know I’ll never read 150 books this year.
  • I’ve travelled a bit! and spent a day at the Bodies exhibition (this counts as a museum right?)
  • I’ve started a notebook for my blog containing ideas,diys and future projects.
  • I’ve been exercising more, including trampolining and running! *cringe*
  • I’VE MADE ANOTHER PATCHWORK QUILT! So proud of this one too :)
  • I’ve altered dresses, made tshirts and being a right little nerd at my sewing machine all month.
  • I think I’ve been a better blogger? I’ve gained more followers too! (hello wonderful lovelies!)
  • I’ve given up chocolate and biscuits for Lent, still going strong too I might add.
  • I’m still keeping to my 365 project and my DIY project 52, although I am still a week or two behind on it!
  • aaaand finally, i’ve been saving up my pennies for future awesome plans.

Things I haven’t started but should have because they’re aren’t that difficult:

  • Been more helpful in the garden/farm & planted my butternut squash seeds.
  • organised myself a bunch of driving lessons. *ugh*
  • Photo an hour posts just haven’t happened. My day’s really aren’t that interesting!
  • Sent my pictures to Lockdown… I’m just avoiding that goal at this stage!
  • Finished painting my room. I have the paint I just cant be bothered!
  • Become a member of the local library, gone to the doctor/dentist etc.. i’m so bad for this!

Once again the accomplished outweigh the unaccomplished but I need to really tick off the easy ones that I keep putting off! February was such a good month, and a busy one! Especially in the crafty side of things, up until a couple of days ago I was spending every day on my sewing machine and making something big each night! (I still have a few things to show you from my craft binge but more on that later) How about you? Have you kept to your resolutions or Lent giver-uppers? :) xo


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