March first.

Some things that made last Thursday a particularly lovely first day of March. The sun was shining as I enjoyed my morning coffee binged out on my roof with patchwork quilt in tow. It was glorious, I even needed sunglasses! I arranged all my pretty rocks I have displayed out there in a row and finished my last few sips before deciding what to wear and headed out to the fruit garden where I met little Ellie bells playing in the water bucket with a cheeky grin on her face which said to me ‘I want to jump in and splash around!’

Whilst Ells splashed her little hands in the icy water I was handed a bag of Butter-nut squash seeds and promptly shown how to plant them in separate ‘cloches’ mama had prepared for me. I only really enjoy picking Brussel sprouts when it comes to gardening so this was a step in completion of growing my own veggies to live off during the summer. Egg picking. Another morning favourite when I get the chance, I love to go to each animal house and collect up the eggs they live hidden in their beds. Duck eggs are a strange blue and it’s the only thing I like about our Ducks.

The only Chicken of our coop that would let us pick her up for close up shots and kisses. Ellie chasing the chickens around their house whilst silently humming along to the tune of Jaws. Its not a bad life really, when the sun is shining and my hair is hot against my head. Hurray for Spring, I’ve been so excited for you. xo


5 thoughts on “March first.

  1. Amy says:

    Firstly, can I say how much I love your blog?! I love all your crafty projects and DIYs!
    Secondly, this post makes me crave countryside life more than anything! Most of our garden here in South London is made of veggie patches, but there’s not enough space for chickens and there’s not enough trees for my liking! Haha.

    • Sylviee says:

      Awww can i just say how absolutely lovely your comment was! Really made my morning thank you!:)
      I crave London so much, I haven’t been there in over a year and it’s always bugging me I haven’t been back! Little veggie patches in south London sound so lovely..south ireland is fulla trees, can’t get away from them!! Can we trade places haha!:) xo

    • Sylviee says:

      It was for that morning but now it’s back to drizzly rain! It’s never really that warm here haha..ooh thank you kindly:) I love making quilts, it’s always a fun experience!x

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