DIY Love Book Necklace

I made this darling little book necklace last month on my jewellery making stint and I’m only posting it now because I felt at one stage that all of my diys were jewellery related and I wanted to chop and change it up a bit, leading me to forget about posting this!

It’s a really simple and quick diy for an effective statement piece, I love reading as much as I love miniature objects –let’s face it, teensy tiny shells and buttons and fairy dust bottles are so much cuter when they’re a bit bigger than your thumb nail right? Well I felt the same about this necklace. Miniature books are adorable! Why not have one on a necklace :)

All you need is some spare paper (lined, plain whatever) a small square of leather, multipurpose glue, a necklace chain and a circular ring clasp, pliers, scissors and a metal clasp to hold it together at the drying stage.

One. Flatten out your leather and draw a small oblong shape to be your book cover. Two. Mark where you want your clasp to go, punch a hole through with the end of your pliers, thread your circular clasp through. Three. Using glue paste each piece of cut out paper on to each other and glue into the right side of your leather. Four. Glue the left side down to the paper making sure your clasp is attached. Hold shut with your metal clasp till it’s dried. Thread your chain through the loop once dried. All done!

 Whilst mine was drying I cut out a small heart shape and glued it to the front of my book using the same leather just the other way around, just for cuteness. Try it! The longer you leave your book clasped whilst drying the better. Mine’s still going strong :) XO


3 thoughts on “DIY Love Book Necklace

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I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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