DIY Moustache Mug

Hello! Since making my little moustache necklace a couple of weeks back, I decided to further the craze and be a little silly with some ceramic paint.. Resulting in a fun way to display your tashe’ :) Here’s how I did it. It’s ridiculously simple and makes a plain mug, fun!

You’ll need some ceramic paint and your mug of choice. I went with basic black against a green mug. 2. Paintbrushes. The thinner the better if you want neat lines and good flow as you paint. My ceramic paint was a little gloopy so I recommend getting your paint new! 3. Draw your moustache design on with a marker pen, as you can see I made a few mistakes! But that’s why it’s good to draw it up first! 4. Paint carefully and use thinner brushes towards the ends of the moustache. Mine’s not so neat but I blame the gloopy paint for that one:) Let it air dry for 24 hours and make sure to hand wash your cup instead of hot soaks! 5. Finally, take lots of silly photo’s with your new moustache mug! Fun :) xo


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