DIY Triangle colour block mood board.

Colour blocking is cool. Triangles are hipster.. and now I’m just being silly! I made my own mood board the other night. Only I used triangles and pieced them together to make a triangle patterned board using book pages, magazine pages and then block colour sheets. I remembered to take pictures along the way too so here’s another simple diy to brighten up a corner in your bedroom!

What you need: scissors,various papers (text,maps,colour,magazines whatever) glue, cardboard, template for shape.

What you need to do: Cut your triangles out using a template to keep it all uniform! Make sure to cut enough of each chosen colour, text and magazine pages. I made two boards so I used maps from where I used to live in England all those years ago (Weybridge!) in my second board. Start gluing your triangles to the cardboard either randomly or in a pattern. My first was done with a pattern of text, zine, colour or something like that. My second was done more randomly, grabbing a triangle and sticking them down as I went, trimming the sides triangles that went over the cardboard edges once everything was dry. I then used string to hang it to the wall, done!

I’ve recently painted my room cream so this little burst of colour stands out against the walls, where as before it would have been swallowed up in the purples and blues I had previously. I don’t know why I like these mood boards so much but they definitely look nice against fresh walls. Happy crafting! XO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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