A busy week.

This last week involved lots of baking, making and mending. I found some days were longer than others and I was going to bed early simply because I couldn’t bear to stay awake for silly thoughts and worries were plaguing my mind and other nights I was racing against time as the hours seemed to speed past me. It’s been busy and I’ve got lots done. I even got out and de-brambled the garden that one day we had glorious sunshine. (and forgot to bring my camera..but I have scratches to prove it!) Here’s some moment I did remember to take..

I dug out my old typewriter and gave it a go. It’s broken in parts and I never managed to fix it so manually working the reels and ribbons was fun! …and extremely messy.

I bought a big bag of the sourest of sour bon bon’s Mr Simm’s had in his ‘olde sweet shoppe’, the blue ones are the worst! I made a goodie bag of American chocolate bars and sweets I know Shane loves as a special little treat to go along with his birthday pressies.

I’ve been getting myself a few weeks ahead of my project 52, creating a couple fashion related diy’s and also mending broken jewellery.

The eerie mist crept back up our silent hill for a couple hours too and I slipped out for a sneaky picture.

Birthday card mess making!

My clumsy self knocking over the very last of my quink that I have managed to look after for the past 9 or 10 years. I even went to the trouble to soak it all up with a sponge to save what I could, when the straw technique didn’t work. Finally, a peek at Shane’s gifts I gave him.
Thing’s that didn’t get captured but actually happened;
power-walks, movie nights, gardening, bringing heavy large furniture through my bedroom window, starting a diary of some sorts, silly arguments over coffee, fun with an odd shaped potato, salvaging thrown out clothes from the shed, massive clear outs and talks with old friends. Have a lovely weekend :) xo


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