The Sketchbook Doodles

Something I never do enough of anymore is drawing. Since Art college kind of killed my love for all things pencil-y I just haven’t been able to draw something I actually like or fill an entire sketchbook. So other than hating everything I create on paper I also happen to love collecting pretty sketchbooks. Ones with really soft paper or a nice clean moleskin-esque book, I love them all and with every new book purchased I find myself promising to actually use it, not just pop it on a shelf with the other neglected sketchbooks. (you’ll be surprised how many I have..)

So with my latest book (top) I have decided to use it fully, but not take it seriously. Not amazing Da Vinci pieces or anything to put the pressure on but rather just use it for doodles or little sketches when I feel like it. I’m also trying to use up my ridiculous collection of paint I accumulated over the years so I’m encouraging myself to use watercolour when I can in this one. I have names it, ‘The Sketchbook Doodles’. Original, I know.

As you can tell, my doodles are pretty lame. I’m severly clumsy, and the other night last week I did the awesome thing of knocking my ink all over the floor, so whilst picking things up from the ink spill things got a little messy and then I decided to get some pages inky and thus these doodles were born. The picture above was my test strips from hand soaking old typewriter ribbon and using a half broken type writer. The test strips were various LDR lyrics that were stuck in my head at the time.

I’ve also taken to drawing the outfits I like wearing or the ones I’m wearing at the time, like Home Comforts being my comfy clothes that I like to binge out in at home or stuff like that. I’ve drawn some more since being at Shane’s but I only have what I scanned before I left earlier this week. No doubt I’ll update you all with another Sketchbook Doodles part two or something when I’ve drawn some more. They’re really silly and that great but there’s something really relaxing about kicking back and doodling away in a daydream. Heaven know’s it was my favourite thing to do at school! :) xo


3 thoughts on “The Sketchbook Doodles

  1. ElizaDreams says:

    These are beautiful! I swear, every scrap of paper I receive ends up covered in little doodles like these :)

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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