DIY Studded shorts

Hello! I saw these awesome shorts floating around the likes Tumblr of few months back and wanted a pair for myself but I was not willing to pay the hefty price tag attached to them! Realising it can be a diy job I starting picking silver studs off an old grunge belt I had lying around and got making them! They instantly make a regular pair of shorts edgier and since restyling them I haven’t been able to go back to plain shorts!

What you’ll need: A whole bunch of silver studs, I used 57 but mine were small. (craft stores have them or un-pick a grungey belt like I did!) thin pliers, a ruler and dark pencil. And your choice of shorts :)

. Get everything ready and laid out. 2. Mark out your cross design with pencil. The studs will cover your marks & if not it will wash out! 3. Grab a bunch of studs and straighten out any that are bent with pliers. 4. Push the studs down into your back pocket making sure its straight and went through to the underside of the pocket. 5. Flip your pocket inside out, using pliers pinch the clasps down together and push in to the denim for extra strength. 6. Continue up until your cross is taking a fuller shape. Here’s where you decide if you want a skinny cross (2 studs each) or a thicker cross (3 studs each), I went for a thicker cross and added more studs up the sides. Make sure all clasps are neatly pinched in and your studs are straight. Your done! ♥

Awesome right? I’ve been wearing these with my leather jacket, loose black sweater, tights and dark boots! Shops are selling these starting at $60 dollars and upwards.. I don’t understand how people can justify spending that kind of money on something that is clearly do-it-yourself-able! Maybe it’s a case of more money than brain power.. All I know is DIY’ing it is much more satisfying! Remember you can see the rest of my project 52 here! XO

4 thoughts on “DIY Studded shorts

  1. Dee says:

    That looks fairly simple.. Think i might have to try myself. But will the studs come off in the wash? Or maybe i put them in a wash bag?

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