And for a moment it felt like Summer

Last weeks gorgeous spell of sunshine was probably one of the nicest weeks I’ve had all year, spending it outside everyday down in the sunny seaside town of Cobh with Shane made it all the better. He’s so lucky he lives near the sea, I never cared much for it when I was younger but I really see why people love the idea so much now-a-days. The day these photo’s were taken was a particularly hot one, I was wearing just a simple tank top and my cut off shorts, not need for a cardigan even at night as we were left with a really nice dead heat.

I spent the day lying out on the hot grass barefoot with Bon Iver silently singing in my earphones whilst the lads would skate about doing tricks I could never imagine myself doing. It felt really weird taking photo’s of myself out in front of the lads (not that they would have noticed anyway) so I only managed to snap this one below, moody it may seem but I was quite content lying out in that blissful sun. Even managed to get a teensie bit tanned :)

I managed to sneak a few pictures of the lads skating too.. hiding my iphone right down in the grass meant that I got a few blurry out of focus ones or ones with grass strands in them but I liked how they turned out. I wish the weather could have lasted longer, typical Irish weather meant the clouds soon came in when I got home! Summer better show it’s sunny side this year, we haven’t had such a wonderfully sunny week in so long! There’s something so nice about spending the afternoon outside happy as anything with the sun burning your cheeks and not having a care in the world, listening to the sound of skateboard wheels grinding against the ground.. the Sun brings out the best in everything! XO


2 thoughts on “And for a moment it felt like Summer

  1. Grace says:

    I really love your blog, your projects, your writing and I check back regularly. Keep up the inspiration!
    This is someone’s website who I know and they’re running a writing competition. I’m spreading the word. Check them out and consider entering!
    If I ever finish my piece, I’ll be entering too!
    I live in Canada, am semi-retired after a career working in costumes for film and TV.
    Like I say, keep writing and inspiring!

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