part one of two

It feels like such a long time ago since I blogged, realistically it was only four days. A lot has gone down, mostly good and some bad. I’m not going to talk about the bad though as this blog is about positivity and inspiring others! This week really feels like a blur though, I got a shock this morning when I realised it was Friday even! Thank god for my camera reminding me of little snippets.

At the beginning of the week me and my littlest brother decided to go for a long hike up the mountains and collect ‘unusual’ things for him to bring to show-and-tell. He told me how he wanted to be an adventurer like Bear Gylls and got super excited when I told him I knew where there were some fox bones he could bring to school. We collected feathers to make quills and fir cones and eventually found the unfortunate fox and collected up teeth and a tiny rabbit skull. He was amazed! (We made sure to wash our hands after handling it etc)

He’s been showing everyone who isn’t too grossed out by them and even labelled the jars, it’s the only thing he’s looking forward to going back to school for; so he can freak his school friends out with them hoho. On Wednesday I met up with my favourite far away friend, Katie who was back from Budapest for Easter break. We trundled into the city for some rummaging and serious spending, (my poor bank account!) I was also finally able to introduce her to Shane after two and a half years of only hearing about one another too! It was such a lovely day and like always time flew and the shops were closing!

We enjoyed a very strange bus home, it being Easter break meant schools were out and kids had taken over the much so that by the time we had gotten on the bus all the seats were taken by hyper teenagers. The bus driver was so lovely about it, getting us to (illegally) sit on the entrance steps for our journey back, he was a happy driver for a bus of screaming idiots. I perched on the brackets of the bus door for the trip home and worringly so, the wind streaming through the door made it feel like it could open at any stage! However frightening it was, it made for a beautiful view home. (part two tomorrow!) xo


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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