Cheer yourself up Butternut Squash Soup

Since I’ve been awake almost 12 hours now I decided earlier this morning to make some yummy soup that is sure to cheer us miserable lot up at home, everyone’s either sick with a cold or just sick of it being cold, same old same old. This recipe is actually stolen from Katies regular monday munchies posts she does, go have a look! It was the second time I’ve made this soup and I’ve come to realise you just can’t go wrong really. What you need:

Cut up everything into cubes, or slices or whatever you fancy. The garlic is optional but I chucked in more than needed, Garlic is meant to be a goodie for fighting colds! Once it’s all sliced and diced pop it all into a big pan and add about an inch of water and boil till its mushy and squishy. Don’t forget to check up on the water every now and then or it will burn (like mine very nearly did!) Once its squishy to your satisfaction blitz it up using a hand blender and add a splash of milk or cream till your happy with the consistency. Serve up hot with chunky bit of wholegrain bread to dip and salt & pepper to taste!

This recipe gives you just under 1000g of soup, perfect for little mouths. I haven’t actually eaten mine yet as I made it at breakfast hours so please excuse the picture below! It looks more appetizing than that I promise. It smells amazing actually and from the first time I had this soup its so so yummy. XO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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